One Year Ago

It was one year ago today that my daughter has started my in the world of blogging while we sitting down to a Mother’s Day brunch.  She set it up on my IPhone and I was amazed.  I have not blogged in a while and have lots to blog about, as I have visited many restaurants. Sometimes life gets in the way of finding that time to blog.  Between all my responsibilities and obligations, little time is left for the pleasures, blogging. 

So I want to thank my daughter for showing me this new world, and can’t wait until the end of August when I am not so overloaded with school work and my Masters will be complete. 

I will try to blog when I can, I am gone but not for long….thanks all who have been following me and I promise to be up and blogging soon 🙂

Enjoy and Happy Mothers Day to all, may your day be filled with happiness and may you be with the ones you love the most in the world, your children. Lunching with Lori


There’s no place like home!


Recently I redid my dining room in hope of entertaining again.  My dining room used to be filled at holidays and special occassions when my kids were home or would come home.  I wanted a room that reflected the good food that came out of my kitchen and was cooked by my children, son in law (who is a trained chef) and me.  I love cooking meals for my family and love when all my kids help out.  With the holidays coming I knew my new dining room would get some use and was excited as I planned a Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinner.  

IMG_0359      IMG_0365

The color of the dining room was important to me. I wanted an environment that was fun, and would entice conversation and good eating. 

For Christmas dinner my daughter wanted chicken so I decided to make Cornish Hens, carrots cooked in an orange honey sauce with dill, and sweet potatoes cooked with cinnamon, butter, nutmeg, pecans and brown sugar.  I needed to find something that was also a good meal for a vegetarian so my daughter made a recipe I have for a corn casserole that is yummy and like the famous green bean casserole, needs to be on family tables during the holidays. 



The cornish hens are moist and tasty. They were stuffed with lemon and rosemary and seasoned on top with oil, salt, pepper, and a few of my special seasonings. The herbs are fresh, the carrots fresh, the sweet potatoes fresh, and the corn casserole recipe my family loves. 

My daughter and her significant other make our family traditional Hungarian cookies along with a cheesecake. 

IMG_0812       IMG_0807

What a great job they did with the cookies. These cookies were gone within 2 days! The cheesecake was delicious, moist, and just right! I was proud of my family for putting together such a great meal with traditions that will follow them through their lifetimes!

IMG_0848   IMG_0908

Sometimes the best meals can be the ones we cook at home with our loved ones and the company is the best thing of all! 

Happy Holidays and Happy Dining to all!


Lunching with Lori

Mama’s Hot Spot, New Milford CT


Once there was a little pizza joint that was located right on Rte 7 in New Milford, then it was gone.  In it’s place a restaurant called Mama’s Hot Spot popped up.  They had placed menu’s on cars while parked in a local shopping center and I thought I would try it someday.  Well that day had come and I decided to check it out. 

IMG_0373          IMG_0381

I was quite surprised when I walked in. The place was decorated country style and the owners were friendly and full of information. They talked with pride about their new venture and noted they would be soon adding pizza to the menu.  They both noted that all the food was made fresh on the premises and they were known for their ribeye sandwich.  So, we decide to try that and their eggplant grinder. I order an appetizer of fried raviolis and french fries along with sweet potato fries. 

The women owner talks to us while her husband prepares our lunch. She talks about the decor is notes she is changing it in preparation for Christmas. 

IMG_0393          IMG_0379

IMG_0378    IMG_0376

Our appetizer comes out and the fried raviolis are delicious, along with the marinara sauce to dip them in.  The portion size is nice and they reminded me of eating on the Italian section of the hill in St. Louis. 


I really like the feel of this place and find it to be a good lunch spot.  The owners  are friendly and the place is clean, bright, and decorated county style.  The service is great and the food is good for lunch. 

IMG_0395        IMG_0397IMG_0398         IMG_0396

The Rib Eye sandwich is tasty but the eggplant parmigiana was outstanding! We shared the sandwiches and enjoyed them both. The french fries were good but the sweet potato fries were even better. This was a nice lunch in a new place.  Overall I would rate this place a 3.5 due to the place being so new and needing time to find what they want to specialize in.  It is a place I have gone back to a few times and have done take out.  Mama’s Hot Spot grows on you and it is worth the trip down 7 to give it a try.  There hours vary so give them a call, as they do close early on weekends.  Again, I would suggest them for a great lunch spot.  You can eat in or take out!


Happy Dining!

Lunching with Lori 

Joey’s in New Milford, CT

I have always passed by Joey’s in a bright red house before the WalMart.  Even though I have been living here for about 7 years now, never thought to go in.  Thanks to my mom not being able to navigate stairs well, we had to find a place that didn’t have stairs or many stairs and had to have steak, because she wanted steak.  My husband checked the menu and they offered steak and only had one step to navigate.  Score, we had somewhere to go to take her out for her birthday dinner.  IMG_0254


We are greeted promptly and seated.  I get my mom settled in a nice cozy corner and we both order a drink, a toasted almond to wait for my husband to come.  The place is in a old house and is cozy in a dive sort of way.  The menu consists of steaks, seafood, chicken and pasta. The menu is small but sounds delicious.  We all decide on the steaks and settle in the corner.  We are seated by a picture that has what looks like flames in it moving.  I guess a fake fire place but it does at warmth.

IMG_0224    IMG_0228

I have to say, I almost forgot about blogging about this restaurant. It wasn’t until after I downed my drink and devoured the appetizer of stuffed clams we all shared that I thought about getting some pictures so I can rate this place!  The stuffed clams contained a whole clam with stuffing on top and man were they good!! Sorry, I didn’t get a picture of them and I am sorry I missed that opportunity.

Our steaks come and they look delicious, served with fresh cooked veggies and a side. I chose a baked potato. My mom and husband chose to add onions and mushrooms with their steaks.  I got the sirloin.  I was pleased with the presentation, as it was clean, neat, and showed off the star of the meal, the steak.  I ordered a side order of stuffed shrimp to go along with my steak. Of course I order my steak rare. It was done to perfection! The seasoning was perfect and the vegetables were crisp and full of color.  I add butter and of course sour cream to my potato!

IMG_0222  IMG_0223


We ask for pepper and the waitress bring us a pepper mill and leaves it on the table for us.

IMG_0232   IMG_0244

This meal is really good and I am so surprised by it.  We all are happy with our meals. The food portion size is good.

IMG_0226  IMG_0245 IMG_0249

We are all full and can’t finish our meal.  The waitress comes and asks if we want dessert but we are full but can’t resist one dessert and we decide to share.  We order an ice cream ball rolled in pecans and covered with Caramel.  It sounded to good to pass up and we all share it.

IMG_0241  IMG_0238  IMG_0243

There dessert menu is nice and offers something different then your normal restaurant.  Needless to say we all finish the dessert!

IMG_0252  IMG_0237  IMG_0229

I have to say I really enjoyed this meal! I rate this place a 5, as the service was great, the food was outstanding, and the place was cozy in a unique sort of way.  I am excited to go back and try their fresh made Bolognese sauce. The waitress says it is incredible.  She noted the chef makes every order fresh and takes pride in what he serves.  Nothing is made ahead of time. This is nice to know.  She if full of knowledge and said the restaurant has been open for 30 years! I think this is the best kept secret in New Milford!  I cannot wait to go back and try the Bolognese sauce! Try it, you be glad you did!!

IMG_0250  IMG_0258  IMG_0231


Happy Dining!

Lunching with Lori





Tufelo Honey Cafe, Charlotte NC

IMG_0090 IMG_0092

Tucked in a little shopping center in Charlotte, NC is a place called the Tupelo Honey Cafe that was recommended by the locals.  Again it is has southern cuisine.  For those of you have read my posts, you know by now I love good Southern cooking.  The place is located upstairs and has a sitting area on a wrap around porch outside with couches. Reminded me of my sons frat house with the couches outside.  When I walked in, the place was big, airy and open.  I was seated right away and was not put in a corner.  The staff was friendly and I was waited on right away.  I went at lunchtime and the place was packed. IMG_0071    IMG_0088

I order their meatloaf and it comes with mac and cheese along with asparagus.  I also order a side of coleslaw. The biscuit is really good and served with jam and honey.  The meatloaf has gravy and the mac and cheese is just the right portion size.  The meatloaf is good, I have had better, but is good. The biscuit is really good and there is no need to add the honey.  The coleslaw is incredible delicious and I could have eaten more of that.  The food comes out quick and I even order a hard cider with lunch.  I wanted to relax and enjoy a nice lunch for a change.

IMG_0081   IMG_0082  IMG_0084


I order banana pudding, I guess a Southern thing. It is OK but I make better.  This place had a nice young, hip crowd. I didn’t notice if they had a bar, but I am sure they must.  It is a great place to hang out with friends or go on a date. I would love to hang out on the outside porch sometime and have a few drinks.

IMG_0085     IMG_0083 IMG_0086


IMG_0080 IMG_0089 IMG_0075IMG_0073So, if you find yourself in Charlotte, NC and are looking for a good place to eat, check out Tupelo Honey Cafe either for lunch or dinner. You won’t be disappointed. I rate this place a 4, atmosphere is great, dress is casual but I can picture women with flowery summer dresses during the summer, the food is good, and the service is good. They even treat parties of one with respect.

Happy Dining!

Lunching with Lori

The Red Rooster, Harlem NY

IMG_9920    IMG_9909  IMG_9918

While working in Manhattan recently, I had the opportunity to stay in Harlem.  I heard about a place called the Red Rooster and was told the food was good here.  So I set off on foot to find this restaurant and grab a bit to eat.  It is about a 20 minute walk from where I am staying but it was nice out.  I find the place with the help of my friend Siri, ok sometimes Siri is not my friend but tonight she was behaving.  I get inside and the place is jamming and was there crowds and lines! There were no seats at the bar and a wait to be seated so I decide to get my order to go.  The atmosphere is really great and I enjoy the music they have playing.  There is an artist doing caricatures.

IMG_9916  IMG_9899 IMG_9902

I make an order to go at the bar, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, greens,  a side of carrots and parsnips along with a side of corn bread.  The order takes about 15 minutes and I order a sangria to enjoy while I am there.  This is a place that I would love to sit and eat in.  I loved the crowds and the variety of people. They do have outdoor dining when the weather permits.  I take my food and head back to the hotel.  I open up the cartons and I am not disappointed.  This is nice southern comfort food in Harlem.

IMG_9930  IMG_9924 IMG_9928

The fried chicken is really good but the mashed potatoes are incredible!  The roasted root vegetables are just OK and are a bit dry. But that cornbread, man was that delicious!!! I could have eaten just the potatoes and cornbread! This is a place I would rate a 4, only because it was so crowded and I didn’t get to enjoy a meal sitting there at the bar drinking some more sangria.  Next time I will see if they take reservations or go a bit earlier.  The service was good at the bar, the music playing was awesome and I would have loved to have a caricature done.   If you find yourself in Harlem and are looking for a fun place with good food, check out The Red Rooster, you won’t be disappointed you did!

Happy Dining!

Lunching with Lori


Loveless Cafe and Motel, Nashville TN

IMG_0013               IMG_0031

Tucked about 20 minutes outside of Nashville is the Loveless Cafe and Motel.  Although there is no longer a motel, there is a cafe. It is supposed to be one of the top 7 eateries in Nashville noted as one should visit.  I took the drive out there. The place was a home that was turned into a restaurant. There are interesting stories about the place and how it was started but I will save that for another time.  The food is down home comfort food.  They are known for their fried chicken and homemade biscuits. So that is what I order along with a side of fried Okra and their cheesy grits.  The service is good but again, being a single person dining out, I get a seat near the mens bathroom and near the wait station.  They seat me in the Rooster room in the corner and out of the way.  I really don’t like when places do this to us folks who come in as a party of one.

The food comes out quick and they start you off with the biscuits and fresh made jam.

IMG_0027        IMG_0023

IMG_0030      IMG_0021

The fried chicken is OK, I have had better, the grits aren’t that warm or smooth and creamy and the fried Okra was just warm and bland.  I wasn’t impressed by the food.  The service was OK but again, being a party of one sometimes you get forgotten about in the corner.

IMG_0016    IMG_0014   IMG_0041


I order dessert and the pie is good and fudgy and helps raise the seratonin levels.  I ask for my check and have to wait a bit for it. The waiter didn’t come back much to see if I needed something.  I was disappointed in the service as well as the food. But, there is plenty of nostalgia in the place and it seemed like a tourist trap.  The place wasn’t very busy when I arrived but by the time I left, there were lines of people waiting to come in.  I look at it as a tourist trap.  I would rate it a 2.5 and don’t think I would go back there, as once was enough.

IMG_0077IMG_0017 IMG_0010

IMG_0033  IMG_0036 IMG_0019


There are some stores on the property that push all sorts of touristy items to those who want to take home a piece of the Loveless cafe and motel. I enjoyed going through these shops more than I enjoyed the dining experience at the cafe.  Again, the atmosphere was OK, the service was just OK, the food was edible but I have had much  better fried chicken. The biscuits were the best part of the meal.  This is somewhere I wouldn’t go back to eat at but would go back in the daylight to walk around the little tourist stores that suck you in.

Happy Dining!

Lunching with Lori